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Bjork followed the curiosity…

3 months ago I left a trail of breadcrumbs hoping Bjork would find me.

During her worldwide lyrical competition, I submitted an original verse on the creation of the universe to fit into her gorgeous call-to-the-cosmos, ‘Cosmogony’. I decoded her already recorded verses down to the syllables, got a feel for the song and it’s message, and rather use an ancient creationist “myth”, I chose to work in the very current, very exciting ‘string theory’. I figured: hey, just because this is something being theorized right now in time, doesn’t mean it too will not be the future’s myth. 

This was my chance to connect, so I left her a trail of breadcrumbs in the shape of my worded expression, dosed it with curiosity, and at the end of the note shared with her my music link hoping to the heavens she might actually see it. 

And I wrote, “and they say: back then the universe, was immensely hot, and packed into a point, the size of a dot, an atom, a quark, a stringthat shook and became the world we know.” (*what excites me most about this idea is the scaling downward in sizes from point to string. In most cases one would think of a point as being quite small, when in fact, in this context it is the largest of the 4 groups).

Well, fast forward 3 months later. I just found out that I was announced the winner of this amazing lyrical journey.

The universe and it’s endless wonders have always been the focal point of my songwriting. With Biophilia, Bjork has taken the curiosity on such a subject and brought it to the forefront on a grand scale. I feel unbelievably lucky that such a competition would be created by the artist I admire the most, and at a time when I so terribly want to share my own personal expression on my passion for the cosmos.

Now I don’t have to imagine what it would be like for Bjork to hear my music, or understand a little more about who I am. She knows. And I know that this whole thing is one more example of the universe’s willingness to play and have fun with everyone who is willing to call upon it with an open heart.

Bjork will be singing my verse on Feb 18th in NYC, and I can’t wait to see it all go down live!

Thank you Bjork for your endless ability to transform, surprise, and surpass what we know to be possibleand timelessly declare your joy for life and the world around you through your music.

Hannah | Eitch 

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